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What is Consignment
Consignment or Consigning is when you as the consignor enter an agreement to allow our store, Sneek A Peek Boutique to sell your new or barely worn items for a certain price that we will determine.  The percentage rate for any item sold for a $100.00 or less is 50%. If any item is sold for a higher price we have a percentage breakdown in house that is readily available.  Once a consignor has a $25.00 credit, Sneek A Peek will make contact with you.  At that time, you can 1) receive your money by check in store or mailed (2.00 fee to do so).  It is the consignors responsibility to notify Sneek A Peek if there are any changes to personal contact information.  If a check is sent to the wrong address, there will be a 6 month waiting period before another check will be reissued.   2) You are welcomed to let your credits add up until the 75 day consignment period ends, receive your money then and 3) Once your items have sold you are welcome to shop in Sneek A Peek with a 15% discount off your total one time purchase     
 How Long

Sneek A Peek ask consignors to allow the store 75 days to sell their items.  We will do our best to promote and place items in an atmosphere fitting to be SOLD!!! We will after a few weeks discount items not sold.  In the event, your item does not sell in the 75 days, contact will be made for their return.  If items are not picked up within  7 days, they will become property of Sneek A Peek and donated as we see fit.


Sneek A Peek will accept consigned items Monday through Saturday. 
Monday - Thursday 10:30AM to 4:00PM
Friday- Saturday 10:30 AM to 3:00PM
Sneek A Peek does not offer returns or exchanges on any items sold in our boutique.
Lay Away
Sneek A Peek offers Lay Away on a single item of $100.00 or more.  Layaways are for a 30 day period with a minimum 15% purchase price down along with a $10.00 layaway fee(non refundable).  If a layaway is not paid in full by 30 days there will be a 15% restocking fee deducted from the initial down payment.
Payments accepted
Sneek A Peek accepts Cash, Debit/Credit Cards
No Checks are accepted


Sneek A Peek is not responsible for lost or stolen items consigned with us.  We do guarantee that we have security in place and will do over very best to merchandise your items and promote them to sell at the best possible price. 




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